Planning in our Archdiocese

“The language of communion is on our lips and in our hearts – a communion of cooperating and respecting each other.”
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

Please view this video to hear how Daniel Cardinal DiNardo conveyed these pathways along with the archdiocese’s pastoral objectives in his Spirituality of Communion. His desire for the future of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is to ensure the archdiocese grows with the next generations by responding to the needs, hopes and dreams of the faithful.

Cardinal DiNardo wants pastors and pastoral councils to identify ways their parish is already a spirituality of communion as well as suggest potential actions within the parish to support being in communion. In the recent years, a tremendous team of volunteers has been assembled to assist parish councils in discerning aspirations and needs and also documenting plans that reflect a spirituality of communion.

What our future holds:

  • Rapid projected Catholic population growth
  • Stable number of priests
  • Multicultural diversity

What our faithful requested:

  • Meaningful prayer, liturgy, and sacraments
  • Spiritual growth
  • Formation and education
  • Social services and outreach
  • Welcoming and hospitality

To become a more vibrant archdiocese that is meeting the present and future needs of our parishioners, parish plans must lead us in these three pathways:

  • Live our faith;
  • Share our faith; and
  • Nurture our faith.

In your pastoral council, you should adapt these initiatives to the needs of your own community to achieve the archdiocese’s pastoral mission, selecting specific pastoral objectives to work further on. Wouldn’t we all want that for our parishes?

We are prepared to share resources and tools other parishes have used to develop their plans. You’ll benefit from the collective wisdom of those energized parishes. Great news for you, right?

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