God’s Plan for Your Parish

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
–St. Francis of Assisi


As lay leaders of your parish, you have the responsibility to assist your pastor in developing a spiritual vision for your community. If you’ve never discerned God’s will for you personally or your parish, how do you start?

That is easy. You may review the following planning readiness checklist or come to us. You are ready to start your pastoral plan when:

  • You have a functioning Pastoral Council, of any size.
  • Your pastor is aware of the planning process and agrees with initiating it.
  • You want to serve spiritual needs in richer, more extended or more profound ways.

The Action Oversight Group will assist you initially focus on your church’s immediate needs as well as its potential. This will be a collaborative and adaptative process that will adjust every occasion, based on your needs.

As you implement the plan, watch the transformational change in your parish unfold. There will be an excitement and passion from parishioners’ spiritual growth that will further shape your community, neighboring churches, and the entire archdiocese.

Ready to get started? proceed directly to Planning Step by Step Guides.

For all the resources and expert coaches available to you to commence the planning process contact us; we will love hearing from you.