Formation and Facilitation

There’s no doubt that planning may seem a daunting task. We want you to be successful, so we offer our facilitators to assist you. They have done the hard work before and have all the tips and tricks you will need to:

  • Access and strengthen your planning team;
  • Develop planning skills; and
  • Acquire the necessary Spirituality of Communion knowledge to begin the listening and discernment process within your parish.

Along with our facilitators, we have other resources readily available to you:

  • Understanding Spirituality of Communion. This video series will further explain why Cardinal DiNardo’s vision was for the faithful in our archdiocese to become “one that lives a spirituality of communion in our homes, parishes, archdiocese and community. We recommend you view them here to fully understand how to live in a spirituality of communion. (hyperlink to video)

Are you a big reader? Here are some great books and documents for your study:

The Gospel, according to John. Identify in it the Master Plan of Light and Love.

Nuovo Millenium Ineunte. By John Paul II.

Evangelii Gaudium. By Pope´s Francis

Revisioning the Parish Pastoral Council. By Gubish, Jenny & McGannon.

Discernment, reading the signs of daily life. By Henri Nouwen.

What is Ignatian spirituality? By David Fleming,  SJ.