Tracking Your Progress

Who does what and by when? Remember the format? The value of any plan depends on the team’s ability to implement its strategies and track its effectiveness. How do you know if or when you have reached your goal if you do not have one? How do you take the good intentions of your planning and translate them into transformational actions? What are the right metrics to measure?

Remember. Execution, execution, execution. And also, keep track if the results were what you intended. If so, reinforce and keep going. If not, discern some more, adjust and execute again.

Remember the purpose of a pastoral plan consists of improving our community love. Take a look at Bishop Barron’s point of view. He provides a clear scripture-based way (Gal 5.22) to assess if our pastoral work is moving in the right direction.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit 



At the Archdiocese, we can help with this too. Please remember to submit a copy of your plan to the Secretariat of Pastoral and Educational Ministries, so we can assist you to track your results and share with others, so we all benefit from the collective knowledge we create.

Remember, if you need assistance, we are here to help. Contact us.