The Overall Planning Process

A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.
– H. Stanely Judd



Effective planning is about developing a vision that addresses needs and inspires others to follow. The archdiocese offers resources for parish councils to take the necessary steps and required actions for a pleasant and fruitful planning process.

Facilitators can guide you every step of the way from forming a core team and training in leadership through a parish assessment process, selecting objectives and discerning the ones that best meet your parish’s needs. Once these needs are determined, the facilitator helps you identify and document actionable steps and tasks to support the objectives. Finally, you will receive help, guidance, and support in implementing and tracking the plan.

The right planning process is spiritual, energizing and efficient. You will generate a customized roadmap with actionable elements to live, nurture and share our Faith in richer, more extensive and profound ways.

It could not be easier, right?  Check the available resources or Contact the Pastoral Planning team in the Archdiocese to get started today.

The 7-Step Planning Guide provides essential elements for conducting the process in your parish.

What do you need to plan about? Study the seven common elements of Parish Life, and conduct an assessment on them or check the Pastoral Objectives in our Archdiocese.