Vibrant Parish Experiences

As time passes by, more of the archdiocese’s parishes embrace Cardinal DiNardo’s desired vision and future of a spirituality of communion expressed by Saint John Paul II. These energized parishes sought to replenish their Church lives with renewed faithfulness and joyful spirituality. Their plans are borne of God’s plan – meaning, they did not invent a new spiritual idea. They discerned where to focus on growing in Christ's love and supporting the specific needs of the faithful by living a spirituality of communion.

Some parishes create extensive plans, while others found small, simple ways for parishioners to explore their faith and grow in Spirituality of Communion. Follow their stories for inspiration and encouragement.

Parish experiences and testimonies are oriented to nine pastoral objectives:

  1. Education and formation on Spirituality of Communion.
  2. Engaging parishioners in the life of the parish.
  3. Creating a welcoming and accessible environment for hospitality and evangelization.
  4. Activating liturgical and spiritual development opportunities.
  5. Building stronger intercultural connections.
  6. Partnering with other parishes to identify opportunities to share resources.
  7. Providing opportunities for adult formation.
  8. Ensure a comprehensive and engaging youth ministry.