Towards a Universal Church

If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze.
—St. Catherine of Siena

The Holy Spirit gives us gifts to strengthen us for the good works we are called to do. Incredible things happen when we work together and are open to more possibilities. We can encourage people of all ages to build a spirituality of communion that resonates within parishes, across communities, and throughout the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church.

Consider we are heirs of a profound tradition that can be traced two thousand years back. From the most recent saints, popes and faithful, back to the Renaissance, to the early times of the Apostles dining with Jesus Christ, we strive to live in love, as he loves us. Your parish most likely is dedicated to a saint. How does your parish pastoral council honor his / her charism and exceptional qualities in your daily life?

Are you ready to hear God’s call, and lead the process that will take the spiritual life in your parish closer Him?  Community process and intentionality will get you there. You need a plan, and we want you to succeed. Start today.



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