Parish Participation

Every parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is asked to participate in the IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission campaign. The active phases of the campaign will run from July 2018 through June 2020 .  Each parish will conduct its campaign in one of four blocks within that time-frame. 

The four blocks are as follows:

  • July 2018 - December 2018
  • January 2019 - June 2019
  • July 2019 – December 2019
  • January 2020 - June 2020

Parishes conducting a Good Faith Effort agree to participate in the campaign as designed by our counsel, Guidance In Giving, Inc., in order to reach their established financial goal.  The parish is asked to follow the campaign plan and put in a good faith effort in presenting the campaign needs in a positive and supportive way, as well as to encourage maximum participation and support from all parishioners. Each pastor is asked to present a parish case statement of needs that will also be incorporated into the overall cause for the parishioner’s consideration and support.

  • All parishes are asked to draft their own Parish Case Statement.
  • A parish conducting a Good Faith Effort campaign will retain 33% of the monies raised up to the IGNITE goal and 67% of the funds collected over the goal.
  • This goal is NOT an assessment but rather, an objective for every parish to achieve based on their potential.

Director: Matthew O’Brien

Holy Rosary Goal: $1,101,575
Holy Rosary Parish Share: $363,520

Director: Samuel Abbott

Immaculate Conception Catholic Goal: $112,619
Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish Share: $37,164

  • Special Fund for Church Renovation/Expansion

Director: Bryan Bedoya

Notre Dame Goal: $694,095
Notre Dame Parish Share: $229,051

  •        Foundation repair and  renovation to the rectory
  •        Parking Lot 
  •        Reparación de cimientos y renovación de la rectoría
  •        Estacionamento

Director: Elisa Gonzalez

Our Lady of Fatima Goal: $481,749
Our Lady of Fatima Parish Share: $158,977

  • By achieving our IGNITE Goal, our parish will be able to start the fund to start to build the Adoration Chapel
  • Conforme logremos la meta ENCIENDE nuestra parroquia podrá iniciar el fondo para la construcción de la Capilla de Adoración

Director: Bryan Bedoya

Our Lady of Guadalupe Goal: $332,380
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Share: $109,685

  • Paying off the debt from the Parish Capital Campaign
  • Pagando la deuda del campaña capital de la parroquia

Director: Matthew O'Brien

Our Mother of Mercy Goal: $666,288
Our Mother of Mercy Parish Share: $219,875

Director: Elisa Gonzalez

Resurrection Goal: $408,287
Resurrection Parish Share: $134,735

  • By achieving our IGNITE Goal, our parish will be able to start a fund to replace the roofs of the educational buildings.
  • Conforme logremos la meta ENCIENDE nuestra parroquia podrá iniciar el fondo para reemplazar el techo de los edificios educativos

Director: Luis Tacuri

St. Albert of Trapani Goal: $706,615
St. Albert of Trapani Parish Share: $233,183

With God’s blessing and the prayerful generosity of our wonderfully diverse community of Catholic faith, we hope to support and sustain the five pillars of our parish vision (Faith, Family, Fellowship, Feed, Finance) with a successful IGNITE campaign.  With our share of the proceeds we plan to:

  • Replace and modernize the audio / visual system in the church sanctuary
  • Beautify the various buildings on the parish campus via maintenance, painting and updated, energy-efficient lighting
  • Replace HVAC equipment

For information visit


Con la bendición de Dios y la generosidad orante de nuestra comunidad de fe católica maravillosamente diversa, esperamos apoyar y sostener los cinco pilares de nuestra visión parroquial (Fe, Familia, Comunidad, Alimentación, Finanzas) con una exitosa campaña IGNITE.  Con nuestra parte de los ingresos, planeamos financiar múltiples necesidades parroquiales, que incluyen:

  • Reemplazo y modernización del sistema audiovisual en el santuario de la iglesia
  • Embellecimiento de los diversos edificios en el campus parroquial a través de mantenimiento, pintura e iluminación actualizada y de bajo consumo
  • Reemplazo de equipos de climatización

 Para más información visite el sitio web

Director: Luis Tacuri

St. Andrew Goal: $608,622
St. Andrew Parish Share: $200,845

With our share of the Parish Support portion from the campaign, we plan to replace the roof on the religious education building. All additional funds will be used to help with debt reduction.

For information visit


Con nuestra porción del apoyo parroquial planeamos reemplazar el techo del edificio de educación religiosa. Todos los fondos restantes serán usados para ayudarnos a reducir la deuda.

Para más información visite el sitio web

Director: Matthew O'Brien

St. Bartholomew the Apostle Goal: $1,939,918
St. Bartholomew the Apostle Parish Share: $640,173

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Catherine of Siena Goal: $735,017
St. Catherine of Siena Parish Share: $242,556

Director: Luis Tacuri

St. Charles Borromeo Goal: $615,067
St. Charles Borromeo Parish Share: $202,972

With our share of the Parish Support portion from the campaign, we plan to improve the air-conditioning system for the church and classrooms. For more information visit

Con nuestra porción del apoyo parroquial planeamos mejorar el sistema de aire acondicionado para la iglesia y salones. Para más información visite el sitio web

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Christopher Goal: $451,684
St. Christopher Parish Share: $149,056

Monies raised will be used to make repairs to the Parking lot and Remodel the Chapel

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Cyril of Alexandria Goal: $1,297,237
St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish Share: $428,088

  • Monies raised will be used to improve both the Church Sound System and the Courtyard Landscaping.
  • El dinero recaudado será usado para mejorar tanto el Sistema de Sonido de la Iglesia como  los Jardines

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Hyacinth Goal: $759,881
St. Hyacinth Parish Share: $250,761

  • Monies raised will be used to replace the floors and lighting in the Parish Hall.

Director: Elisa Gonzalez

St. Jerome Goal: $297,650
St. Jerome Parish Share: $98,224

Director: Bryan Bedoya

St. John Neumann Goal: $571,916
St. John Neumann Parish Share: $188,732

  •        Land Development Project
  •        A savings fund to replace the entire A/C System of the Church
  •        Proyecto de uso del terreno
  •        Un fondo de ahorro para reemplazar el aire acondicionado en la iglesia

Director: Phil Toups

St. John Vianney Goal: $4,372,314
St. John Vianney Parish Share: $1,442,863

  • Refurbish Activity Center and Youth Lounge
  • Re-model Library/Den and Music Lecture Hall
  • Resurface South and West Parking Lots

Director: Phil Toups

St. Joseph Catholic Goal: $87,800
St. Joseph Catholic Parish Share: $28,974

Director: Paige Van Wormer

St. Laurence Goal: $4,902,896
St. Laurence Parish Share: $1,617,956

By achieving our IGNITE Goal, our parish will be able to reduce our debt by an additional $44,943 per month. This would allow St. Laurence to completely pay off our parish debt two years early (early 2021).

For additional information, please visit St. Laurence’s IGNITE page:

Director: Phil Toups

St. Mary Goal: $980,718
St. Mary Parish Share: $323,637 

  • Pave Parking lot for St. Mary’s

Director: Elisa Gonzalez

St. Mary Star of the Sea Goal: $260,111
St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish Share: $85,837

By achieving our IGNITE Goal, our parish will be able to:

  • Update and modernize our parish kitchen
  • Redo the floors in the parish hall

Conforme logremos la meta ENCIENDE nuestra parroquia será capaz de:

  • Renovar y modernizar nuestra cocina parroquial
  • Cambiar el piso de la estancia parroquial.

Director: Samuel Abbott

St. Michael the Archangel Goal: $275,968
St. Michael the Archangel Parish Share: $91,069

  • Restoration of Stained Glass Windows
  • New Sidewalks for Church Entry Doors
  • Repaving & Striping of Parking Lot
  • New AC in CCE Building

Director: Bryan Bedoya

St. Raphael the Archangel Goal: $309,650
St. Raphael the Archangel Parish Share: $102,185

Director: Samuel Abbott

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Goal: $91,116
Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish Share: $30,068

  • Cleaning of Church, Parish Hall, Old Church Exteriors
  • Roof and Gutter Repair on Church Buildings
  • Foundation Repair to the Old Church

Director: Samuel Abbott

Sts. Peter and Paul Goal: $275,360
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Share: $90,869

  • Repair Plumbing
  • Repave Parking Lot

Director: Luis Tacuri  

Christ The King Goal: $430,822
Christ The King Parish Share: $142,171

  • With our share of the Parish Support portion from the campaign, we plan to renovate to create more space in Roemer Hall by updating the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.
  • Con nuestra porción del apoyo parroquial planeamos remodelar para crear más espacio en Roemer Hall actualizando la cocina, baños, y pisos.

Director: Director: Bryan Bedoya      

Our Lady of Guadalupe Goal: $344,979
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Share: $113,843

Director: Bryan Bedoya         

Our Lady of St. John Goal: $314,016
Our Lady of St. John Parish Share: $103,625

Director: Bryan Bedoya         

Queen of Peace Goal: $594,473
Queen of Peace Parish Share: $196,176

  •           The parish portion of funds raised will be used for the needs of Queen of Peace.
  •           La porcion parroquial de los fondos recaudados sera utilizada para las necesidades de Queen of Peace. 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

Queen of Peace Goal: $275,413
Queen of Peace Parish Share: $90,886

  •           With our share of the Parish Support portion from the campaign, we plan to replace the air conditioner in the church.
  •           Con nuestra porción del apoyo parroquial planeamos reemplazar el aire condicionado en la iglesia. 

Director: Bryan Bedoya         

St. Alphonsus Goal: $164,771
St. Alphonsus Parish Share: $54,375

  •           The parish portion of funds raised will be used for the needs of St. Alphonsus.
  •           La porcion parroquial de los fondos recaudados sera utilizada para las necesidades de San Alfonso. 

Director: Matthew O’Brien    

St. Anne Goal: $983,118
St. Anne Parish Share: $324,429

  •           For additional information on how St. Anne will be using their share of funds please contact the parish office at (281) 351-8106.

Director: Bryan Bedoya         

St. Anne de Beaupre Goal: $121,390
St. Anne de Beaupre Parish Share: $40,059

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St. Benedict the Abbott Goal: $369,015
St. Benedict the Abbott Parish Share: $121,775

  • With our share of the Parish Support portion from the campaign, we plan to reduce our debt by an additional $30,000+ annually for the next 4 years. This will allow us to move forward with projects that will enrich, strengthen and grow our parish community.
  • Con nuestra porción del apoyo parroquial planeamos reducir nuestra deuda parroquial en más de $30,000 anuales en los próximos 4 años.Esto nos permitirá avanzar con proyectos que enriquecerán, fortalecerán y harán crecer nuestra comunidad parroquial. 

Director: Philip Toups

St. Bernadette Soubirous Goal: $1,390,766
St. Bernadette Soubirous Parish Share: $458,953

  • Pastoral Council Safety Committee Upgrades - Parking Lot Lights, Electronic Locks, Security Cameras
  • Parish Life Center Upgrade - Lights, Video, Kitchen
  • Final Phase of Church Sound System
  • Upgrade Rectory Kitchen

Director: Christine Goodwin  

St. Edward Goal: $1,366,739
St. Edward Parish Share: $451,024

  • Reduce our debt on the Father Joseph A. Gietl Pastoral Ministry Center. 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St. Francis de Sales Goal: $1,125,432

St. Francis de Sales Parish Share: $371,392

Director: Philip Toups

St. John the Evangelist Goal: $405,799
St. John the Evangelist Parish Share: $133,914

  • Update and Modernize Parish Kitchen
  • Designate a Gift to the Regional School
  • Retire the Debt for the Youth Center

Director: Philip Toups

St. Mary Goal: $469,301
St. Mary Parish Share: $154,869

  • Update Parish Rectory

Director: Christine Goodwin  

St. Matthew the Evangelist Goal: $479,122
St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish Share: $158,110

  • The IGNITE campaign will provide us with funds to beautify and improve our parish campus.
  • Mejorar el Espacio de Adoración y las instalaciones de San Mateo el Evangelista. 

Director: Matthew O’Brien    

St. Paul Goal: $1,143,410
St. Paul Parish Share: $377,325

  • Debt Reduction approx. $2,000,000.  The difference from our income and loan is paid out of our ministry and operating revenue, severely impacting our abilities in those areas and even resulting in having to eliminate one of the Ministry positions in the current fiscal year.
  • Property Maintenance Fund approx. $200,000.  A large portion of our facilities were constructed over 50 years ago, requiring continuous maintenance and repair of structure and building systems.  Pressure in meeting our monthly building debt obligations impact our abilities in required building maintenance.
  • Rectory Maintenance Fund approx. $25,000. The rectory like major portions of the church facilities is over 50 years, the same needs for repair and replacement of antiquated structures and systems exist in the rectory as they do in the main church facilities. 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St. Philip Neri Goal: $182,825
St. Philip Neri Parish Share: $60,332

  • Install projector and screen in the Church
  • Reduce parish debt

Director: Christine Goodwin  

Sts. Simon & Jude Goal: $2,082,586
Sts. Simon & Jude Parish Share: $687,253

  • With our portion of the IGNITE funds we will: Fund Investments, Replacements, and Emergencies; Upgrade/Remodel the Hospitality Rooms and Plaza; Create additional Classroom and Prayer space;  and Provide Outreach Equipment, Storage and Staging Spaces.
  • Fondear inversiones, reemplazos y emergencias; Actualizer/remodelar cuartos de hospitalidad y plaza; Crear aulas adicionales y espacio de oracion; Proporcionar espacio de almacenamiento.

Director: Matthew O'Brien     

All Saints’ Goal: $574,668
All Saints’ Parish Share: $189,640

  • Update Parish Hall
  • Fix Church’s floor
  • Reduce debt

Director: Phil Toups

Assumption Campaign Goal/ Meta: $672,475
Assumption Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $221,917

  • Repatching, repairing, and restriping the parking lot for the church | Reparación del estacionamiento.
  • Renovate parts of church interior | renovar los interiores de la iglesia.
  • Build additional restrooms for our church community | Construir baños adicionales para uso de nuestra comunidad parroquial.

Director: Christine Goodwin  

Christ Our Light’s Goal/Meta: $208,632
Christ Our Light’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $68,849

  • Construct a CCE building and Parish Offices at the new Campus. | Construir un edificio CCE y Oficinas Parroquiales en el nuevo campus.

Director: Matthew O'Brien     

Co-Cathedral’s Goal: $1,264,844
Co-Cathedral Parish Share: $417,399

  • Reduce our debt by an additional $105,000+ annually for the next 4 years. By doing so, this will allow us to move forward with projects that will enrich, strengthen and grow our parish community! 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

Holy Family’s Goal/Meta: $946,677
Holy Family’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $312,403

  • Reduce our debt incurred from building our beautiful church.
  • Reducir nuestra deuda adquirida por la construcción de nuestra hermosa iglesia. 

Director: Bryan Bedoya

Holy Ghost’s Goal/Meta: $895,135
Holy Ghost’s Share/Cantidad para la
Parroquia : $295,394

  • New Sound System for the Church/ Comprar e instalar un nuevo sistema de audio en la iglesia
  • Replace Sanitary Sewer Line/ Remplazar la línea del drenaje
  • Upgrade and renovate Zimmer Park grounds and Pavilion/ Actualizar y renovar el jardín y el pabellón de Zimmer Park
  • Renovation for safe and effective use of the School Quadrangle/ Renovación total para la seguridad y uso efectivo del cuadrángulo escolar 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

Immaculate Conception’s Goal/ Meta: $364,226
Immaculate Conception’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $120,195

  • Repair or replace the roof. This will allow us to continue to celebrate mass, weddings, quinceañeras, and funerals for years to come.
  • Reparación o reemplazo del techo. Esto nos permitirá continuar celebrando misas, bodas, quinceañeras y funerales para las futuras generaciones. 

Director: Phil Toups

OLO Czestochowa Campaign Goal: $110,194
OLO Czestochowa Parish Share: $54,634

  •        Church Entry Project 

Director: Bryan Bedoya

  • Please contact the Parish Office at 281-428-1507 for the latest IGNITE updates
  • Por favor, póngase en contacto con la Oficina Parroquial al 281-428-1507 para obtener las últimas noticias de ENCIENDE.  

Director: Bryan Bedoya

Our Lady of Sorrow’s Goal/Meta: $106,392
Our Lady of Sorrow’s Share/Cantidad para la
Parroquia : $35,110

  • Update Parish Hall kitchen/| Actualizar la cocina adentro del Salon Parroquial 

Director: Phil Toups

St. Ambrose Campaign Goal/ Meta: $688,591
St. Ambrose Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $227,235

  • Replace flooring in the church
  • Refinish the pews
  • Replace the sound system in church
  • Build an ECC Building
  • Replace the school roofs

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Anthony de Padua’s Goal:   $191,700
St. Anthony de Padua’s Share: $63,261

  • Church Repairs (in order of priority)
    • Replace church flooring
    • Paint church interior
    • Replace front doors
    • Improve church interior lighting Upgrade Stations of the Cross 

Director: Christine Goodwin  

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Goal/Meta: $2,045,646
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Parish Share/Porción para la Parroquia: $675,063

  • Expand and Refurbish the Church Bathrooms | Expandir y Remodelar los baños de la iglesia
    • The bathrooms in the church are too small and inefficient for our needs. Our goal is to expand them and to create an additional bathroom accessible directly from the vestibule. This may require relocating the confessionals to the chapel or elsewhere within the church.
  • Dedicate Funds to Serve those in Need | Fondos para servir a los más necesitados
    • An essential part of the campaign will be a tithe of ten percent of our parish proceeds to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and to local pro-life groups. 

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Jude Thaddeus’s Goal:   $230,726
St. Jude Thaddeus’s Parish Share: $76,140

  • Repair CCE Building Roof Truss
  • Repairs to Rectory
  • Repair And Stripe Parking Lot Asphalt-
  • Reparar la estructura del techo del edificio CCE
  • Hacer reparaciones en la Rectoría
  • Reparar y pintar el asfalto del estacionamiento

Director: Phil Toups

St. Justin Campaign Goal/ Meta: 907,414
St. Justin Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $299,447

  • Replace the eleven HVAC units attached to the church that are 30+ years old and require constant maintenance and repairs.
  • Install new LED light system in the sanctuary of the church.

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St. Mark’s Goal/Meta: $509,950
St. Mark’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $168,283

  • Add to our current savings to continue with the next stage of building our new church!  This new building will allow St. Mark the Evangelist to continue to be a strong Catholic presence in Houston for many generations to come.
  • ¡Seguir ahorrando en preparación para la siguiente fase de construcción de la iglesia!  Este nuevo edificio permitirá que San Marcos el Evangelista continúe siendo una fuerte presencia católica en Houston para muchas generaciones. 

Director: Phil Toups   

St. Mary Campaign Goal:  $1,395,210
St. Mary Parish Share:  $460,419

  • Financial resources to reinforce construction costs of new Parish Activity Center.
  • Final Improvements and Furnishings for new Parish Activity Center:  Sound System tables, chairs and walkways, etc.
  • Update landscaping by adding/ replacing trees, shrubs and ornamental flowers for entire parish plant. 

Director: Matthew O'Brien     

St. Maximilian Kolbe Goal: $1,442,331
St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish Share: $475,969

  •           Debt Reduction

Director: Bryan Bedoya

St. Monica’s Goal/Meta: $442,582
St. Monica’s Share/Cantidad para la Parroquia : $146,052

  • Update Parish Hall kitchen, restrooms and infrastructure including Wi-Fi | Actualizar la cocina, los baños y la infraestructura de la parroquia, también incluyéremos WIFI
  • Hire a Part-Time Youth Director to improve youth programming | Contratar a un Director de Jóvenes para mejorar la programación de los jóvenes
  • Establish General Maintenance Fund | Establecer el Fondo General de Mantenimiento 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St.Peter Claver’s Goal/ Meta: $168,334
St. Peter Claver’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $55,550

  • Replace the roofs on the food pantry buildings. Remaining funds will be used towards replacing our hall lights with new energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Reemplazar el techo de los edificios de la despensa de comida. Los fondos restantes se utilizarán para reemplazar las luces del salón parroquial con nueva luces de alta eficiencia. 

Director: Matthew O'Brien     

St. Peter the Apostle Goal:
St. Peter the Apostle Parish Share:

  • Donate 10% of the proceeds to our school.
  • Renovate bathrooms.
  • Repair all doors in Family Life Center.
  • Restructure St. Vincent de Paul office to a meeting room.
  • Construct a Vesting room/sacristy at the Church foyer. 

Director: Luis Tacuri  

St. Pius V’s Goal/Meta: $531,591
St. Pius V’s Parish Share/ Porción para la Parroquia: $175,425

  • Upgrade or replace the sound system. Our current sound system is antiquated and inadequate.
  • Completely renovate some or all of our parking lots for the beauty of our parish and the safety of our parishioners. Our parking lots need repair, repaving, and resealing.
  • Actualizar o reemplazar el sistema de sonido. Nuestro sistema de sonido actual es anticuado e inadecuado.
  • Renovar completamente todo o algunos de nuestros estacionamientos para embellecer nuestra iglesia y la seguridad de nuestros feligreses. Nuestro estacionamiento necesita reparación, repavimentación, resellar. 

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Stanislaus’s Goal: $182,786
St. Stanislaus’s Parish Share: $60,319

  • Construct  a new CCE building 

Director: Christine Goodwin

St. Wenceslaus’s Goal: $93,975
St. Wenceslaus’s Share: $31,012

  • Repair Rectory
  • Upgrade Church Air Conditioning
  • Repair Church Ceiling
  • Repair Storage shed
  • Repair BBQ pit

Blessed Sacrament Goal: $251,082
Blessed Sacrament Share: $82,857

The IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission campaign will allow us to proportion funds to fix the corner lot, so we can use it as temporary parking. We must continue to look toward the future, and keep the needs of our ever-growing parish in mind. The majority of funds from this campaign will help us establish a building project, which will begin once the necessary funds are available. A multi-purpose building will be built where the vacant buildings now stand, in order to provide the necessary space needed to better serve our people and generations to come.

Meta Parroquial: $251,082
Parte de la Parroquia: $82,857

La campaña ENCIENDE: Nuestra Fe, Nuestra Misión nos permitirá proporcionar fondos para arreglar el lote de la esquina para poder usarlo como estacionamiento temporal. Debemos continuar mirando hacia el futuro y mantener las necesidades de nuestra parroquia en mente. La mayoría de los fondos que se recauden en esta campaña nos ayudarán a establecer un proyecto de construcción, el cual iniciará una vez que los fondos necesarios estén disponibles. Se construirá un edificio multifuncional donde actualmente se encuentran los edificios vacíos para poder proveer el espacio necesario para poder servir a nuestra gente y a las generaciones por venir. 

Holy Family’s Goal: $1,180,291
Holy Family’s Share: $389,496

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $389,496! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

  • Continued Historical Preservation, Repair and Maintenance for all Parish Church Buildings

Holy Family Meta Parroquial: $1,180,291
Holy Family Parte de la Parroquia: $389,496

Con nuestros fondos planeamos:

  • Continuando nuestra Preservación Histórica, y Reparación y mantenimiento Para todos los Edificios de la Iglesia Parroquial

Holy Name Goal: $210,119
Holy Name Share: $69,339

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $69,339! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

  • Install Central A/C for our School Building
  • It is essential that we provide air conditioning to our school building so we can continue to minister and serve the educational needs of our young people throughout the year.
  • Refurbish All the Pews in our Church

We are very proud of our Church and its notable 97-year history, and part of our pride should be reflected in the furnishings of our Holy Sanctuary.

Meta Parroquial: $210,119
Parte de la Parroquia: $69,339

  • Instalación del aire acondicionado en nuestro edifico escolar
  • Es esencial tener aire acondicionado en el edificio de nuestra escuela para que podamos continuar ministrando y atendiendo las necesidades educativas de nuestros jóvenes durante todo el año.
  • Restauración de todas las bancas de nuestra iglesia

Estamos muy orgulloso de nuestra iglesia y de sus notables 97 años de historia y parte de nuestro orgullo debe reflejarse en los muebles de nuestro Santuario. 

Meta Parroquial: $179,647
Parte de la Parroquia: $59,284

Con nuestros fondos planeamos:
Construir un Altar de la Anunciación

Our Lady of St. John Goal: $328,067
Our Lady of St. John Share: $108,262

Bigger Bathrooms for the Parish Hall

We want 3 bathrooms and a shower for the women, and 2 bathrooms, 2 urinals, and a shower for the men. This will help with our parish retreats. We hope to finish this project this year and we need help from all of you.

Make a multi-purpose Building around the Roof of the Parking Lot with Air Conditioning for both opened and Closed Reunions

This will help us with concerts, retreats, conferences, and for some special masses we can hold outside.

Meta Parroquial: $328,067
Parte de la Parroquia: $108,262

Baños grandes para el Salón Parroquial

Queremos 3 baños y una regadera para las mujeres y 2 baños, 2 urinarios, y una regadera para los hombres. Lo vamos a terminar pronto, entonces necesitamos su apoyo financiero. Esto nos ayudara con nuestros retiros parroquiales.

Hacer un Edificio multi-usos del techo en el parqueo para reuniones cerradas y abiertas con aire acondicionado

Esto nos ayudara para conciertos, retiros, conferencias, y para algunas misas especiales.

Sacred Heart’s Goal:   $386,419
Sacred Heart’s Share: $127,518

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $127,518! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

Project 1: Renovate the restrooms in the Church with additional stalls.

Project 2Renovate the Parish Hall kitchen with new appliances, vent hood, and finishings.

Meta Parroquial: $386,419
Parte para la Parroquia: $127,518

¡Al alcanzar la meta de ENCIENDE tenemos el potencial de recibir $127,518! Con los fondos de la campaña planeamos lo siguiente:

Proyecto 1: Renovar los baños en la Iglesia con puestos de baño adicionales.

Proyecto 2: Renovar la cocina del Salón Parroquial con electrodomésticos nuevos, campana de ventilación y otras cosas. 

Sacred Heart’s Goal: $964,984
Sacred Heart’s Share: $318,445

We will be depositing our share of the funds into our Archdiocesan savings account to fund future repairs and to help with growth in our parish, which will potentially include the purchase of additional land and new buildings.

Meta del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus: $964,984
Regresara al Sagrado Corazon de Jesus $318,445

Vamos a depositar nuestra parte de los fondos en nuestra cuenta de ahorros Arquidiocesano para financiar reparaciones futuras y para ayudar con el crecimiento en nuestra parroquia, que potencialmente incluirá la compra de terrenos adicionales y nuevos edificios.

Parish Goal: $756,820
Parish Share: $249,751

Since our expansion with the new sanctuary in 2005, St. Frances Cabrini has faced financial challenges that have caused us to defer from permanent solutions, and seek low-cost temporary solutions in many of our structures. Now is the time our parish can join together to help address challenges and seek permanent solutions for our needs.

A successful IGNITE campaign will allow us to complete the following three projects:

  • Update our electrical system in all of our building structures including the new sanctuary. We need to replace the current light fixtures and wiring, in order to accommodate the new brighter, long-lasting, energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs.
  • Replace the air conditioner/heater in the Francesca Hall and Cabrini Center. These buildings have long needed HVAC work, but we have not had the funds to replace the existing units.
  • We will perform general basic maintenance “a facelift” on all building structures to ensure that all areas are clean, safe, and presentable to all that enter.

Meta Parroquial: $756,820
Parte de la Parroquia: $249,751

Desde nuestra expansión con el nuevo santuario en el 2005, Sta. Francisca Cabrini ha enfrentado desafíos financieros que nos han hecho aplazar soluciones permanentes y buscar soluciones temporales de bajo costo.  Ahora es el momento en que nuestra parroquia puede unirse para ayudar a enfrentar los retos y buscar soluciones más permanentes para nuestras necesidades.

El éxito de la campaña ENCIENDE nos ayudará a completar los siguientes tres proyectos esenciales: 

  • Actualizar nuestro sistema eléctrico en todas nuestras estructuras incluyendo el nuevo santuario.  Reemplazar los accesorios de iluminación y el cableado, con el fin de acomodar luces más brillantes, de larga duración y eficiente.
  • Reemplazar el aire acondicionado / calentador en el Francesca Hall y en el Centro Cabrini.  Hace tres años solo pudimos actualizar parte del trabajo del HVAC necesario en Frances Hall por falta de fondos. 
  • Realizaremos un mantenimiento básico general en todas las estructuras de edificios para asegurar que todas las áreas estén limpias, seguras y presentables para todos los que entran.

St. Gregory’s Goal: $207,638
St. Gregory’s Share: $68,521

With the funds returning to the parish, we will make repairs to the roof of our Church and CCE building to stop the leaks, add an AC Unit to the CCE building, as well as make repairs to the piano for the choir.

Meta San Gregorio: $207,638
Parte de la Parroquia: $68,521

Con los fondos regresando a la parroquia, haremos reparaciones al techo de nuestra iglesia y al edificio del CCE para detener las goteras de agua, la adición de una unidad de aire acondicionado al edificio del CCE, así como hacer reparaciones al piano para el coro.

St. James the Apostle Goal: $732,775
St. James the Apostle Share: $241,816

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $241,816! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

Remodel the South Wing:
To allow for Faith Formation and other Ministry Meeting spaces. Our current configuration does not allow for multiple meetings to take place and is not user-friendly.

Relocate Administrative, Faith Formation, and Clergy Offices:
To facilitate the remodel of the South Wing into meeting spaces, it is necessary to relocate the above offices into the rectory space.

New Rectory:
The current rectory will be converted into administrative offices. The existing rectory can only accommodate two priests and one guest. Currently, we are at capacity. It would be advantageous to have a third suite so that we might invite a retired priest to reside here at St. James. We would build a rectory to be like most in the Archdiocese, providing a suite for each priest consisting of a study, a bedroom, and private bath.

Meta Parroquial: $732,775
Parte de la Parroquia: $241,816

Proyecto #1 Remodelar el ala sur:
Para permitir espacio para que se reúna el departamento de Formación de Fe y otros ministerios. La configuración actual de nuestros salones no permite que se lleven a cabo múltiples reuniones y no es fácil de usar.

Proyecto #2 Trasladar las oficinas de la Parroquia, de Formación de Fe, y del Clero:
Para facilitar la remodelación del ala sur convirtiéndola en espacio para reuniones, es necesario reubicar las oficinas actuales en la rectoría.

Proyecto #3 Rectoría Nueva:
La rectoría actual se convertirá en oficinas administrativas. La rectoría que ahora existe solo puedo acomodar a dos sacerdotes y un invitado. Actualmente estamos al máximo de capacidad. Seria ventajoso tener una tercera habitación para que pudiéramos invitar a un sacerdote jubilado para que viva aquí en St. James. Construiríamos una rectoría como muchas en la Arquidiócesis, y así proporcionar una habitación para cada sacerdote que consiste en un estudio, un dormitorio, y un baño privado. 

St. Katharine Drexel Goal: $519,573
St. Katharine Drexel Share: $171,459

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $171,459! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

Project 1
Enclose the Pavilion: Enclosing the Pavilion will give us more space for Fellowship particularly during inclement weather.

Project 2
Upgrade the IT System: Our IT system is in need of amplification so that our CCE teachers and students will have access to online Catholic Educational Studies. In addition, the rectory needs to be on the same system as the office. Currently there is a signal being broadcast to it but it is weak and intermittent.

Project 3
Purchase Projection System for the Church: The drop down projection system will provide media availability for many videos used during Missions and other Celebrations.

Meta Parroquial: $519,573
Parte de la Parroquia: $171,459

Proyecto 1
Encerrar nuestro pabellón, lo cual aumentará nuestro espacio de compañerismo, especialmente durante las inclemencias del tiempo.

Proyecto 2
Mejorar nuestro sistema de tecnología en el campus de la parroquia. Esto ayudara a nuestros maestros y estudiantes de CCE al brindar acceso a los Estudios de Educación Católica en línea. Además, la rectoría debe estar en el mismo sistema que la oficina, y actualmente la señal que se emite es débil e intermitente.

Proyecto 3
Adquirir un sistema de proyección para la iglesia para proveer la disponibilidad de los medios para los videos usados durante las misiones y otras celebraciones.

Our Goal: $1,325,785
Our Share: $437,509

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $437,509! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

Additional Parking
We want to take full advantage of the vast amount of space we have on our Riverstone Ranch Campus. In order to do so, we feel that we need to create additional parking. Our first project will be to add additional parking, which will also help us when holding large parish events, like the Parish Bazaar!

Riverstone Ranch Pavilion
Our second project will be to build a pavilion on our Riverstone Ranch Campus so that we may fully enjoy the blessing of our land and hold many outdoor events together as a parish family. The pavilion will also be available for rent in order to help offset the cost.

Meta Parroquial: $1,325,785
Parte de la Parroquia: $437,509

Estacionamiento Adicional
Queremos aprovechar al máximo la gran cantidad de espacio que tenemos en nuestro Riverstone Ranch Campus. Para ello, sentimos que necesitamos crear estacionamiento adicional. Nuestro primer proyecto será agregar estacionamiento adicional que también nos ayudará cuando se celebren grandes eventos parroquiales, como el Bazar Parroquial!

Riverstone Ranch Pavilion
Nuestro segundo proyecto será construir un pabellón en nuestro Campus Riverstone Ranch para que podamos disfrutar plenamente de la bendición de nuestra tierra y celebrar muchos eventos al aire libre juntos como una familia parroquial. El pabellón también estará disponible para alquilar con el fin de ayudar compensar el costo.

St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal Campaign Goal: $534,871
St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal Parish Share: $176,507

Reaching the IGNITE goal gives our parish the potential to receive $176,507! Our campaign proceeds will go toward the following:

Project 1Sound system improvement for the church

Project 2Facilities improvements and maintenance projects

Project 3Grants to parish pastoral programs

Meta Parroquial: $534,871
Parte de la Parroquia: $176,507

PROYECTO NUMERO UNOMejora del sistema de sonido para la iglesia

PROYECTO NUMERO DOSMejorando nuestros instalaciones y proyectos de mantenimiento

PROYECTO NUMERO TRESBecas para programas pastorales parroquiales 

St. Michael’s Goal: $1,021,022
St. Michael’s Share: $336,937

Through the generous contributions to the IGNITE Campaign, our parish will receive funds for special projects which have been recommended to our Pastor, Msgr. Leo by the Parish IGNITE Leadership Team. Possible use of the funds may include:

  • refurbishing and securing the Adoration Chapel located in the Family Life Center
  • upgrading technology in the Spiritual Learning Center to ensure catechists have the tools they need to engage students at every level
  • expanding Family Catechesis through a program which promotes fellowship and outreach through a weekly shared meal here at the parish.

All of these projects are dependent on the amount of funds generated for the IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission Campaign.

Mục tiêu của St. Michael: $ 1,021,022

Khoản phân phối cho St. Michael: $ 336,937

Việc sử dụng quỹ có thể bao gồm việc tân trang lại và trang bị hệ thống an toàn cho Nhà nguyện chầu Thánh Thể nằm trong Trung tâm Đời sống Gia đình (Family Life Center), nâng cấp phương tiện kỹ thuật cho Trung tâm Học hỏi Tâm Linh (Spiritual Learning Center) để bảo đảm cho các giáo lý viên có những công cụ họ cần nhằm thu hút các học sinh ở mọi cấp độ và mở rộng kiến thức Giáo lý Gia đình qua một chương trình cổ võ tình bằng hữu và tiếp cận thông qua một bữa ăn chia sẻ hàng tuần ở đây tại giáo xứ. Tất cả những dự án này đều phụ thuộc vào số tiền tài trợ cho chiến dịch IGNITE: Niềm tin, Sứ vụ của chúng ta.