Our Priorities

Every parish within the Archdiocese has its own needs, unique challenges, and goals. Some parishes may require new construction or building renovations while others may need to reduce debt or establish endowments for parish and school staff. In the end, these investments will enable parishes to better proclaim to parish families the teachings of Christ and the mission of the Church.

A financial return to each parish has been incorporated into this campaign. As the parish raises monies to reach their goal, 33 percent of the funds collected will be returned to the parish while 67 percent is designated for the Archdiocesan case elements.

Once the goal is reached, the parish collects funds over goal; 67 percent is returned to the parish and 33 percent to the Archdiocesan case elements. At the conclusion of pledge redemption, provided the IGNITE Campaign goal is reached, it is anticipated that $50 million will be returned to parishes for local needs.

The new Faith Formation Endowment Fund will provide grants to parishes to aid in their religious education, faith formation, and evangelization efforts. The Archdiocese wants to ensure that parishes have access to the best training for lay leaders, catechetical leaders, and volunteers.

“Some of our smaller parishes with fewer resources do not have someone with the expertise necessary to assist the pastor with developing parishioners in the faith,” James Barrette, secretariat director for Pastoral and Educational Ministries for the Archdiocese, said. “An endowment could assist groups of parishes in possibly sharing a full-time catechetical leader with the appropriate training; it would be such a blessing.”

Catechetical leaders in parishes will be given an opportunity to pursue a degree or certification in theology or catechetics. Providing scholarship funds to address this need would encourage potential catechetical leaders to become qualified professional ministry leaders needed to serve in our parishes.“Helping our veteran catechist volunteers or young people interested in lay ministry get the training and formation they need to work in our parishes is a critical need for the evangelization and catechesis of parishioners of all ages,” Barrette said.

“Helping our veteran catechist volunteers or young people interested in lay ministry get the training and formation they need to work in our parishes is a critical need for the evangelization and catechesis of parishioners of all ages,” Barrette said.

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston considers Catholic schools vitally important to the future since these schools produce much of the lay leadership as well as vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Parents today cite high-performing schools as their number one reason for choosing Catholic Schools. Within the Catholic Education piece of this campaign, the first area of support will be Tuition Assistance. The earnings from these funds will be available to help defray the costs of tuition for financially deserving children.

Teaching our faith to our children is the primary reason we have Catholic schools. All who work in schools must be able to lead, learn and proclaim the Gospel. Continuous adult faith formation and pedagogy for educators is necessary to ensure the teachings of the Church are being delivered and modeled by all adults surrounding our children every day. Additionally, we must ensure our teachers have the continuing education and development opportunities to meet the growing challenges and opportunities they face. The IGNITE campaign will establish an endowment fund to help meet these needs.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Galveston-Houston community and are hopeful that donors to the IGNITE campaign will help us to achieve our goals in the areas of evangelization, excellence, and enrollment,” Dr. Julie Vogel, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese, said.

For more than 100 years, St. Mary’s Seminary has provided a vitally important ministry by helping thousands of men answer their call to the priesthood and ultimately enabling these young men to follow in the steps of the first disciples. In addition, St. Mary’s Seminary is home to the Archdiocese’s Diaconate formation program and hosts the University of St. Thomas School of Theology, which serves the seminarians and the greater community at large.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, there are 90 seminarians studying at St. Mary’s Seminary including 31 from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. 

A site development plan has been designed that proposes a new dormitory building. The design will be such that the existing quadrangle courtyard is preserved and enhanced, and the architectural theme of the new construction will replicate those of the existing campus buildings. 

“St. Mary’s Seminary has beautiful but aging facilities, and the proceeds from the capital campaign will benefit us directly by providing a new dormitory for our ever-increasing number of seminarians, and will improve the infrastructure and living conditions of our community tremendously,” Father Trung Nguyen, St. Mary’s Seminary rector, said.