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Pastoral Plan

Something exciting began in 2011—and in 2015 it's making a powerful impact.

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What is the Plan?
How Can my Parish Participate?
It's Working in Our Parish! - Action Plan Success Stories
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The Archdiocesan of Galveston-Houston embarked on a journey to understand the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the faithful.  After gaining feedback from over 7,000 in our Archdiocese - and studying how we can help our archdiocese achieve these goals - a plan was put together to make these aspirations a reality.  The Archdiocesean Pastoral Plan is now gaining momentum among thousands of the faithful.

What is the Plan?

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan is wrapped around the concept of fostering a Spirituality of Communion, a concept beautifully described by St. John Paul II in the year 2000. This document talks about the Trinity that dwells within us, the ability to see this Trinity within our brothers and sisters--and that we are one with each other and with the Mystical Body of Christ. Finally, it means that we see the positive aspects of others as a "gift," and that we remain one—in giving gifts and appreciating the gifts of others.

The process for creating the plan began in 2011. After gaining the input from over 7,000 within the Archdiocese, nine objectives of the plan began to take shape. All objectives embraced the concept of a Spirituality of Communion. Thus, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan was born.

Now the plan is being embraced by parishes across the Archdiocese. Success stories are surfacing, and new action plans are being worked on by parishes.


How can my parish participate?

You can start the process. It's easy!

Ask your pastor if your parish is participating. If yes, terrific! Ask how you can help.

If your parish is not participating, ask your pastor if you can help. Many efforts are initiated by the parish Pastoral Council. However, many efforts are initiated by individual parishioners. Either is acceptable and effective in bringing a Spirituality of Communion to your parish.

Read through the parish planning worksheets, and recruit others from your parish who can help.

Want help in understanding the process? We have volunteers who are ready to assist. Please call 713-652-4446, or email pastoralplan@archgh.org.


It's Working in Our Parish! - Action Plan Success Stories

Archdiocesan faithful are walking the path toward living a Spirituality of Communion. See how parishes of all sizes are achieving the vision and working together and across parishes to meet the following objectives:

Spirituality of Communion
Parishioner Participation
Welcoming & Hospitality
Spiritual Growth & Liturgy
Cultural Interchange
Parish Partnering
Faith Formation
Youth & Young Adult Ministries

If you would like more information about any of these Success Stories, email us or call 713-652-4446.



The Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan

Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan - English
Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan - Spanish

Parish Planning Worksheets:

Archived Plan Documents and Videos:


Spirituality of Communion Cubes:

Looking for a new, fun and interactive way to present Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan? A new resource that can be used by parishioners of all ages is available. The Spirituality of Communion Cube can be used within parishes and ministries, among families, and at school to help them make a commitment to live a spirituality of communion through Gospel message and follow-up discussions. For more explanation and to download the handout, please see the attachments. You have permission to copy this template for your parish.

Spirituality of Communion Cube

Cubo de Espiritualidad de Comunión


The process for creating the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan began in 2011. View this timeline to see the progress and process in creating the plan, and implementing its concepts.


Contact us

We're excited to share the process for bringing the Plan to your parish.

Please call 713.652.4446, or email pastoralplan@archgh.org