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Clergy Pastoral Outreach

Welcome to the Clergy Pastoral Outreach Ministry


Rev. A. Rodriguez Dcn. A. O'Brien
Dcn. A. Abram, Sr.Dcn. J. Charnisky
Dcn. F. GuajardoDcn. R. Hennessy
Dcn. J. RamirezDcn. D. Smaistrla
Dcn. M. VillarrealDcn. P. Camerino
Dcn. E. AbadejosDcn. R. Kirkpatrick
Dcn. F. KossegiDcn. J. Meshell
Dcn. J. GarciaDcn. J. Matallana
Dcn. A. MoyaDcn. A. Ospina
Dcn. J. TrujilloDcn. J. Froning  
Dcn. A. ZepedaDcn. D. Seiler


Rev. E. DoroinRev. M. Corrigan
Dcn. A. O'BrienDcn. J. Caruso
Dcn. E. Stoessel Dcn. A. Malveaux, Sr.
Dcn. A. BirsingerDcn. J. Lockwood
Dcn. K. Martin 
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       Dcn. Gary Hilbig

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       Outreach Ministry

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► Events Calendar for Retired              Priests 
       • CPO Activity Calendar,                       February 2017
► Events Calendar for Retired              Deacons & Wives


You can download the documents from our website or request a hard copy by mail. If you need assistance, we will do what we can to help you.

Contact John Descant at 713-440-3436 anytime between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your senior years is important to sustaining an optimal quality of life. Please check out our Resources.