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01.09.17A Shepherd's Message - Jan. 10, 2017
12.23.16Are there really 12 days of Christmas?
02.09.16A Shepherd's Message - Feb. 9, 2016
01.12.16A Shepherd's Message - Jan. 12, 2016
12.08.15A Shepherd's Message - Dec. 8, 2015
04.02.15The Triduum begins: Holy Thursday
02.24.15Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
02.10.15A Shepherd's Message - Feb. 10, 2015
01.13.15A Shepherd's Message - Jan. 13, 2015
12.29.14Are there really 12 days of Christmas?
12.23.14Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
12.18.14Giving during this holiday season and beyond...
12.10.14Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
12.09.14A Shepherd's Message - Dec. 9, 2014
12.02.14Join the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in celebrating birth of Christ
10.29.14Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
10.28.14A Shepherd's Message - Oct. 28, 2014
05.28.14Café Catholica Prepares for Another Season
05.14.14Catholics gather to pray for Nigerian school girls
04.23.14We are an Easter People!
04.17.14Celebrate the Triduum
04.14.14Reflecting on Pope Francis' Lenten Message
04.08.14Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
03.28.14Praying the Stations of the Cross
03.21.14Deepening Your Lenten Prayer
03.18.14Fasting For Young Adults
03.13.14Statement on the Anniversary of Pope Francis' Election
03.11.14Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
03.10.14Students Have New Place to Pray the Stations of the Cross
03.07.14Why We Do Not Eat Meat on Fridays, But Fish is Okay
03.04.14Is it Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day?
02.17.14CRS Rice Bowl Moblie App Now Available
01.14.14A Sheperd's Message - Jan. 14, 2014
12.30.13Pope Francis: Urbi et Orbi Message
12.25.13Cardinal DiNardo's Christmas Message
12.24.13A Shepherd's Message - Dec. 24, 2013
12.23.13Reflexiones para Adviento - 4 ª semana de Adviento/Advent Reflections - 4th Week of Advent
12.16.13Advent Reflections - 3rd Week of Advent
12.11.13Cardinal DiNardo to be special guest at Dec. 13 Houston Symphony show
12.09.13Advent Reflections - 2nd Week of Advent
12.02.13Advent Refletions - 1st Week of Advent
11.27.13Bishops’ Website Offers Online Resources For Advent And Christmas
11.26.13Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
09.24.13 Extra! Extra! In this week's Texas Catholic Herald
07.11.13How do you keep faith?
07.03.13Cardinal DiNardo turning to "Home Faith Advantage" for 2013 Cafe Catholica
07.02.13Do you like to sing? The Archdiocesan Choir is holding auditions July 7!
06.21.13Ways to celebrate Fortnight of Freedom at your parish
06.18.13A Shephered's Message
04.25.13How do you keep faith?
04.16.13How can you help create a Spirituality of Communion throughout the Archdiocese?
03.29.13"We are an Easter people"
03.26.13A Shepherd's Message
03.24.13"The heart of faith to willingly embrace the Cross"
03.23.13“I want to dwell in your house today.”
03.22.13"Let us not turn our backs on these gifts."
03.21.13"His covenant is that He is always our God, the I AM"
03.20.13"Lord, help us to continue walking on your footprints! "
03.19.13"Pray to St. Joseph"
03.18.13"How close are we to becoming true believers?"
03.17.13"We must leave everything behind"
03.16.13"What is my reaction to Jesus?"
03.15.13"Embracing the good and rejecting evil"
03.14.13"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted."
03.13.13"New Life that is God's Gift"
03.13.13EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!
03.12.13A Shepherd's Message
03.12.13"Jesus: the flowing and living water of Yhwh"
03.11.13"Let us pray for the Cardinals"
03.10.13"Self-searching and repentance and have above all, a spiritual purpose."
03.09.13"One was a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector."
03.08.13"You are not far from the Kingdom of God."
03.08.13Photo of the Week
03.07.13"Whoever is not with me is against me"
03.06.13"Called the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven."
03.05.13"Moved with compassion ..."
03.04.13"Then will I go in to the altar of God"
03.03.13"God is still patiently waiting for us."
03.02.13"I'll be there."
03.01.13"Are we willing to accept our crosses?"
02.28.13"The deeper the roots, the healthier the tree."
02.27.13"What do you wish?"
02.26.13"All things are possible"
02.26.13A Shepherd's Message
02.25.13"I humbly kneel before you"
02.24.13"Wait for the Lord to move among us"
02.23.13"Is this what Jesus expects from us?"
02.22.13"What’s in a name?"
02.21.13"The redemptive power of the crosses"
02.20.13"The importance of destination"
02.19.13"Breathe in the Holy Spirit, let the Spirit guide us"
02.18.13"'How do we respond to those in need?'"
02.17.13"Remember all that God has done for us"
02.16.13"When God calls, let our response be immediate"
02.15.13"The fruit of fasting"
02.14.13"The Why I am made"
02.13.13U.S. bishops provide resources to prepare for Lent
02.13.13"Today is the beginning of the season of Lent. Live your Faith."
02.06.13The Daily Vine's Lenten Reflection series to begin on Ash Wednesday
12.25.12Merry Christmas!
12.21.12Listen to Cardinal DiNardo's Christmas message, courtesy of Vatican Radio
12.21.12A Shepherd's Message
12.19.12What is Christmastide?
12.14.12Share the Christmas Spirit of Giving through volunteer opportunities
12.11.12Extra! Extra! Read about it in The Texas Catholic Herald!
12.10.12Ten prayers for the Year of Faith
12.06.12Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas: the “original” Santa Claus
12.05.12Feast of the Immaculate Conception is Dec. 8
12.03.12“A Cardinal’s Christmas” shares the season with families for Catholic Charities, Dec. 8
11.30.12Celebrating the Season of Advent
11.20.12What are you thankful for?
11.16.12Photo of the Week
11.06.12Today is Election Day!
10.30.12With election a week away, do you need a refresher on Faithful Citizenship?
10.22.12Early voting begins today
10.15.12How should faith play out in the public square?
10.15.12Test your knowledge of Faithful Citizenship
10.09.12Today is the registration deadline to vote in the Nov. 6 election
10.05.12Test your knowledge of Faithful Citizenship
09.26.12Test your knowledge of Faithful Citizenship
09.18.12Test your knowledge of Faithful Citizenship
09.17.12Music liturgy webinar series begins this week
09.13.12Test your knowledge of Faithful Citizenship
07.31.12Young Adults invited to be "Transformed" during upcoming retreat
05.31.12Preparation tips for Hurricane Season 2012
04.09.1250 days of Easter
04.08.12Easter Sunday: Jesus is risen! Alleluia!
04.02.12When does Lent end?
03.29.12Why do we give alms during Lent?
03.20.12Check out this Lent-friendly recipe!
03.20.12How is the date for Easter Sunday determined?
03.15.12Brush up on the basics of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
03.14.12Do other denominations celebrate Lent?
03.12.12Why do we fast and abstain during Lent?
03.08.12Colors of the Lenten season
03.07.12Word of the Week: What is the meaning of "Lent?"
03.06.12Why do we give things up during Lent?
03.01.12See Lent through a missionary lens with the Pontifical Mission Societies
02.29.12Word of the Week: Penance
02.23.12Connect with those in need through Operation Rice Bowl
02.23.12Got Fish Fry?
02.22.12Today is Ash Wednesday
02.21.12Mardi Gras: Fat Tuesday Explained
02.20.12Lent: 'A genuine time of grace'
12.22.11Today's Advent opportunity: Remember the lonely
12.20.11Archdiocesan choir brings Christmas hope to imprisoned, terminally ill
12.15.11Give the gift of charity this Christmas
12.15.11Today's Advent opportunity: Pick a family movie using film reviews by Catholic News Service
12.13.11A Shepherd's Message
12.13.11Today is the Feast of St. Lucy
12.09.11Our Favorite Advent Hymns:
12.09.11Today's Advent opportunities: Banquet for priests & religious; Sacrament of Reconciliation
12.09.11Help people in grief during the Advent and Christmas season
12.07.11Today's Advent opportunity: Remember the Feast of St. Ambrose; volunteer in the Archdiocese
12.05.11In budget matters, let's remember 'the least of these'
12.02.11Photo of the Week
12.02.11Weekend musical concerts ring in the Advent season
11.28.11Countdown to Christmas: Today’s Advent opportunities in the Archdiocese
11.16.11This Sunday: Celebrating Christ the King
11.01.11Roman Missal Music
09.29.11“Catholicism” to premiere in Houston on TV, Oct. 4
08.18.11It’s bazaar time! Find out about parish fall festivals Around the Archdiocese
07.27.11Word of the Week
06.22.11Word of the Week
06.01.11Ordination Class of '11 -Today's spotlight: Victor Perez
05.24.11Take me out to the ball game?
04.19.11Preparing for Holy Week
04.08.11Audio: Ideas for celebrating Lent with your family
03.30.11Opportunities to reflect, explore Lent available throughout Archdiocese
03.29.11A Shepherd's Message
03.28.11Extra, extra! Coming tomorrow in the Texas Catholic Herald
03.21.11Fasting, abstinence remain staple practices during Lenten season
03.14.11Coming tomorrow in the Texas Catholic Herald
03.09.11Ash Wednesday
03.04.11Season of Lent begins next Wednesday
02.25.11Oscar season prompts ‘best of’ lists for movies and family films
12.21.10Christmas Message

A Shepherd's Message - Feb. 14, 2017

Statement from Cardinal DiNardo re: President Trump's Immigration Policies

A Shepherd's Message - Jan. 24, 2017

Statement on the death of Archbishop Patrick Flores, emeritus archbishop of San Antonio

A Shepherd's Message - Jan. 10, 2017

Ministry Spotlight

The Archdiocesan Vocations Office offers a range of services to encourage the community’s awareness and support of vocations to priesthood and religious life in the Church. It promotes a general climate throughout the Archdiocese favorable to Church vocations through awareness and education and strives to increase the quality and number of Archdiocesan priests.