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A Shepherd's Message
January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013, the somber fortieth anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision of Roe v. Wade has arrived. That ruling nullified all abortion laws in the United States and let loose a regime of abortion-on-demand in our land. Any restrictions on the practice by states have been minimal and fenced in by further judicial rulings. It remains an arbitrary and raw exercise of judicial power!

What was not foreseen in 1973 was that the fledgling Pro-Life Movement of that time has not only remained, but also has grown in tenacity and confidence. It is wondrous to see so many young people who have become enthusiastic participants in the pro-life movement, especially when you consider that the unfettered license for abortion in our country is all they have ever known. Further, the growth of Project Rachel in recent years, the magnificent program that deals with post-abortion healing and counseling, has been phenomenal, and has been translated and used in scores of countries beyond our own. Even more, the abortion decision of the Supreme Court has come under greater scrutiny and many more Americans now fall under the pro-life banner. Still, the numbers of those indifferent to this killing of the unborn is very large. The work to persuade others of the importance of ending abortion on demand, and to create a new and genuine culture of life and respect for the human person is daunting.

Our own Faith is very clear in its teaching on the human person, the meaning of human personal life from the first moment of conception, and the assistance we owe to all those who find themselves in a situation of a difficult pregnancy, especially for women who sense themselves to be isolated and helpless because of an unplanned pregnancy. The solution is a great sense of solidarity we owe to one another and provision of resources to bring help to those in need. The ongoing efforts of so many pro-life groups in bringing this aid matches the advocacy efforts of pro-life groups who work in the social and political arena to bring about change in our laws and conversion in our hearts towards life. As Blessed John Paul II never grew tired of saying: ďItís always about the human person!Ē

Changing hearts requires much work, much persuasion, good teaching and financial backing. These requirements in themselves will never accomplish anything if they are not matched by insistent and consistent prayer to the Lord to grant us what we need to turn hearts towards the true meaning of human life. I ask your help as brothers and sisters in the Faith to remain or become very proactive in the pro-life cause. May Godís blessings descend in abundance upon you and all people of good will in the territory of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
By Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
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Tags: Roe v Wade, Supreme Court, 1973

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