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Chancery Structure

Chancellor and Moderator of the Curia

Bishop George A. Sheltz

Vice Chancellor

Ms. Christina Deajon

Phone: 713.659.5461
Fax: 713.759.9151
Location: Downtown Chancery

The Offices of Chancellor & Vice Chancellor act as the executive arm of the Archbishop. The functions of the offices include: coordinating the functions of the Chancery; interpreting Archdiocesan and general Church law and policies as they affect Archdiocesan operations; care of the records; the editing of the clergy newsletter; negotiating Archdiocesan insurance; providing consultation and coordination in matters affecting priests and their assignments; providing for general communication services at the discretion of the Archbishop; processing dispensations and any special permissions prior to marriage; supervising the maintenance of records and archives; and purchasing of future parish sites. The Chancellor, as Moderator of the Curia, coordinates the exercise of administrative responsibility and sees to it that the department heads fulfill the ministries entrusted to them.


The seven Secretariat Directors form a cabinet overseeing, under the Archbishop, the operations of Chancery services. The Secretariat Directors coordinate these departments in their divisions through joint planning and sharing of information. They also conduct periodic evaluations to determine if the goals of each department are being met and help in preparing the Archdiocesan budget each year. Department heads report to the Secretariat on a regular basis.

Secretariat for Administration
Bishop George A. Sheltz, Director
The Secretariat for Administration is responsible for performing various tasks which are required to maintain and safeguard the temporal resources of the Archdiocese.

Secretariat for Catholic Schools
Sister Kevina Keating, Director
The Secretariat for Catholic Schools serves the Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston by providing administrative support to pastors and principals and guidance and direction to the schools; overseeing the accreditation process; and providing leadership in curriculum and staff development programs.

Secretariat for Clergy Formation and Chaplaincy Services
Father Brendan Cahill, Director

The Secretariat for Clergy Formation and Chaplaincy Services is composed of departments that provide education and formation of men for the priesthood and permanent diaconate, as well as departments that provide direct sacramental and pastoral care for persons who are outside the parish structure.

Secretariat for Communications
Mark Moretti, Director

The Secretariat for Communications is responsible for communicating all official news and information about the Archdiocese and serves as the official "voice" of the Archdiocese on issues related to the local and universal Catholic Church. The Secretariat's mission is to share the Gospel message of God's boundless love with Catholics and non-Catholics alike, through words of hope, images of Christ's work and modern communication tools.

Secretariat for Finance
David Hessel,
Finance Officer/Business Manager
The Secretariat for Finance is responsible for keeping accurate financial data for the Archdiocese and for the development, coordination and implementation of programs that generate financial support for the Archdiocese.

Secretariat for Pastoral & Educational Ministries
Jim Barrette, Director
The Secretariat for Pastoral & Educational Ministries is a diverse community of ministers under the leadership of our Archbishop who collaborate to accomplish the pastoral and educational mission of the diocese through teaching, learning, praying and celebrating.

Secretariat for Social Concerns
(Position Vacant)
The Secretariat for Social Concerns strives to build the capacity of the Archdiocesan Church to act effectively in defense of human dignity, human rights, and the pursuit of justice and peace.