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National Association of Filipino Priests—USA 3rd National Assembly


Judicial Vicar - Officialis: Rev. Lawrence W. Jozwiak, J.C.L.
Adjutant Judicial Vicar - Vice-Officialis: Rev. Richard A. Wahl, C.S.B., J.C.L.
Adjutant Judicial Vicar - Vice-Officialis: Rev. R. Lucien Millette, J.C.L.
Director of the Tribunal: Anne Bryant, J.C. L.

Email the Tribunal
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 907, Houston, TX 77001-0907

Phone: 713.807.9286                   
Fax: 713.807.9296

Mandatory Case Sponsor Retraining on the Motu Proprio

The Metropolitan Tribunal for the Archdiocese will be hosting mandatory Case Sponsor retraining at different locations around the Archdiocese. These sessions will cover the newest changes that Pope Francis promulgated in his Motu Proprio which went into effect on December 8, 2015. The sessions are open to all priests, deacons, current Case Sponsors, and parish personnel interested in the new changes in matrimonial law. Please note that this is not training to become a new Case Sponsor.

For a list of locations and to register please go to:



The Archdiocesan Metropolitan Tribunal, as defined in Canon Law, is an extension of the Archbishop's Judicial Ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and, as such, is concerned in a special way with the quest for justice.

El Tribunal Metropolitano de la Arquidiócesis, como lo define el Derecho Canónico, es una extensión del Ministerio Judicial del Arzobispo de la Arquidiócesis de Galveston-Houston y, como tal, se ocupa de una manera especial por la búsqueda de justicia.

Tòa Án Tổng Giáo Phận, theo định nghĩa của Giáo Luật, là một hình thức mở rộng tác vụ tư pháp của Đức Tổng Giám Mục cai quản Tổng Giáo Phận Galveston-Houston, và như vậy, Tòa Án này đặc biệt quan tâm đến sự kiếm tìm công lý.