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Secretariat for Communications

Jonah Dycus, Director

Phone: 713.659.5461
Fax: 713.659.3444
Email Jonah Dycus
Location: Downtown Chancery

The Archdiocesan Secretariat for Communications is responsible for communicating all official news and information about the Archdiocese. The Secretariat's mission is to share the Gospel message of God's boundless love with Catholics and non-Catholics alike, through words of hope, images of Christ's work and modern communication tools.

The Secretariat serves as the official "voice" of the Archdiocese on issues related to the Catholic Church and on Archdiocesan events, programs and services. The Secretariat also facilitates official Chancery communication with Archdiocesan parishes, schools, offices and departments.

The Secretariat for Communications is divided into the following branches:

Internal Communications
Media Relations
Texas Catholic Herald
Website and Social Media

For inquiries about the Secretariat for Communications, please contact the Director.

Internal Communications

The Internal Communications division of the Communications Secretariat is responsible for: Archdiocesan advertising (in the Texas Catholic Herald and in external publications); Archdiocesan internal communications tools and branding; the annual Archdiocesan Directory; monitoring the official use of Archdiocesan images by internal and external parties; the Chancery Copy Center; and the Chancery Mail Room.

To obtain permission to use or copy any official Archdiocesan images (graphics, photos or artwork, including the Archdiocesan shield), you must receive permission from the Internal Communications division of the Archdiocese.

Questions on Internal Communications? Contact the Internal Communications Manager.

Media Relations

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston offers a variety of resources to credentialed members of the print and broadcast news media regarding the events, people and parishes that make up the Archdiocese. The Media Relations Team is the point of contact for all credentialed media inquiries and provides information to the press, arranging for all media interviews regarding local Catholic news. This team prepares and distributes statements and other resources to the media, responds to media queries and credentials media for coverage of major Archdiocesan events.

We encourage news media seeking information, statements, interview requests or possible story ideas to visit our Newsroom.

Questions on Media Relations? Contact the Media Relations Specialist or visit our Newsroom.


The Office of Radio Ministry produces and distributes original Catholic programs for local broadcast in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. The content of the programming is based on the Scriptures and the Liturgical calendar. The Office of Radio Ministry promotes diverse Archdiocesan events such as conferences, retreats and activities to the general public.

Questions on Radio Ministry? Contact the Office of Radio Ministry Coordinator.

Texas Catholic Herald

The Texas Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese, carrying news, feature stories and columns about local, national and world events to approximately 72,000 subscribers in the 10-county area of the Archdiocese. It is also an instrument of the Archdiocese for informing and educating readers about the teachings of the Church. The newspaper publishes twice a month, with the exception of single issues in June, July and August.

Questions about the Texas Catholic Herald? Contact the Managing Editor.

Website and Social Media

The Website and Social Media division of the Secretariat for Communications is responsible for developing and maintaining the official website of the Archdiocese, This site provides information on all official Archdiocesan departments and their programs, as well as basic data on parishes and Catholic schools of the local Church. The Website division guides official social networking efforts for the Archdiocese and provides support for Archdiocesan departments employing social media in their ministries.

Questions? Contact our Web Content Manager.