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Resources for PCLs
Training PowerPointPowerPoint de Entrenamiento  
Program IntroductionIntroducción del Programa 
Training ManualManual de Entrenamiento 
PCL Instructions for ParentsInstrucciones para Implementar con los Padres 
Parent Training Resource Recurso Suplementario para Ayudar a los Padres 
Program Assessment Guía de Evaluación del Programa Parroquial 
Resources for Developing Safe and Healthy Relationships Recursos Adicionales para Desarrollar Relaciones Seguras y Saludables 


Lesson Plans
1st Grade Primer Grado
2nd Grade Segundo Grado
3rd Grade Tercer Grado
4th Grade Cuarto Grado
5th Grade Quinto Grado
6th Grade Sexto Grado
7th Grade Septimo Grado
8th Grade Octavo Grado
9th Grade Noveno Grado
10th Grade Decimo Grado
11th GradeOnceavo Grado 
12th Grade Doceavo Grado


Student Handouts
Kindgarten Kinder
1st Grade Primer Grado
2nd GradeSegundo Grado 
3rd GradeTercer Grado
4th GradeCuarto Grad  
5th Grade Quinto Grado
6th Grade Sexto Grado
7th Grade Septimo Grado 
8th Grade Octavo Grado
9th GradeNoveno Grado 
10th GradeDecimo Grado 
11th Grade Onceavo Grado
12th Grade Doceavo Grado

Parent Handouts
 Kindergarten KinderVựờn Trẻ
 1st Grade Primer GradoLớp 1
 2nd Grade Segundo GradoLớp 2
 3rd Grade Tercer Grado Lớp 3
 4th Grade Cuarto Grado Lớp 4
 5th Grade Quinto Grado Lớp 5
 6th Grade Sexto Grado Lớp 6
 7th Grade Septimo Grado Lớp 7
 8th Grade Octavo Grado Lớp 8
 9th Grade Noveno Grado Lớp 9
 10th Grade Decimo Grado Lớp 10
 11th Grade Onceavo Grado Lớp 11
 12th Grade Doceavo Grado Lớp 12