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Our Cultures

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is greatly blessed and enriched by the presence of Catholics from ethnic and language groups that literally encircle the globe. Catholics from most Asian countries, many African countries, the countries of Europe and all of the Americas call the Greater Houston area "home." Their presence and the gift of their languages and cultural traditions enable the Archdiocese to truly experience the universality of the Catholic Church. The word "Catholic" means "universal" and the Archdiocese is deeply blessed that Catholics of so many countries and ethnicities are a part of the family of faith we call the Archdiocese.

As a means of supporting Catholics of the many cultural and linguistic groups, the Archdiocese has established certain ethnic parishes as well as ethnic ministries. These have been established to assist in the sacramental and pastoral care of the people of the particular ethnic group, as well as to educate the greater community as to the linguistic and cultural gifts of the ethnic group.

Ministry to Catholics of African Descent

This ministry focuses on collaboration with and for persons of African descent through advocacy, leadership development, evangelization and ministry with other Archdiocesan offices. The ministry provides spiritual, cultural, educational and social development in the community and seeks to bring all Catholics of African descent together with their various cultures to celebrate the universality of Catholicism.

Chinese Ministry 
Filipino Ministry
This ministry focuses on providing opportunities for the Filipino Catholic Community to gather for prayer and activities which nurture and support the Filipino Catholic culture. Annual Masses and other liturgical events are hosted, as are many social, cultural and educational activities. The Vicar for Filipino Catholics is assisted by the Filipino Ministry Council.
Office of
Hispanic Ministry

The Office of Hispanic Ministry is a center of communication for Communion in Mission (Pastoral de Conjunto) and collaborative ministry. It observes, listens, discerns and responds, taking actions together with the different Archdiocesan offices, parishes and other institutions within the Church and the secular community. The vision of this Office is to be an agent of transformation for Hispanics, promoting their fullest participation in the Church and society.

Indian Ministry


Korean Ministry


Polish Ministry


Vietnamese Ministry

This ministry promotes weekly Vietnamese radio broadcasting and publishes bulletins for all Vietnamese in the Archdiocese. The ministry also arranges special events for the Vietnamese community including a Christmas Eve Mass, and facilitates meetings for clergy as well as lay leaders.