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Recapitulation of Statistics for 2012
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Established as a Diocese in 1847
Elevated to Archdiocese in 2004
Square Miles = 8,880

Re-designated Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston on Dec. 29, 2004. The Archdiocese comprises the counties of Austin, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker and Waller in the State of Texas.

Cardinal1Seminaries in Archdiocese1
Auxiliary Bishops1Seminary Students from Archdiocese21
Retired Bishops2Seminary Students from other Dioceses59
Diocesan Priests active in Archdiocese139Diocesan Students in other Seminaries30
Diocesan Priests active outside Archdiocese4Religious Seminaries5
Diocesan Priests in Foreign Missions1Religious Students11
Priests: Retired, Sick or Absent60Total Seminarians121
Total Diocesan Priests204  
Religious Order Priests in Archdiocese205Colleges and Universities1
Extern Priests in Archdiocese40     Total Students3,711
Personal Prelature Priests in Archdiocese5High Schools, Diocesan/Parochial0
Total Priests454     Total Students (9-12)0
  High School, Private9
Priests of Other Catholic Rites in Archdiocese7     Total Students4,762
Ordinations: Diocesan Priests6Junior High Schools, Diocesan & Parochial0
Ordinations: Religious Order Priest 0     Total Student0
Ordinations: Transitional Deacons1Elementary School, Diocesan/Parochial44
Ordinations: Permanent Deacons0     Total Students11,701
Permanent Deacons in Archdiocese386Elementary School/Private6
Total Brothers112     Total Student2,132
Total Sisters449Non-Residential Schools for Handicapped0
       Total Student0
Religious Education High School Students17,801
Resident Pastor - Diocesan Priest104Religious Education Elementary Students68,029
Resident Pastor - Religious Order Priest38
Without Resident Pastor - Administer by Priests3Total Students under Catholic Instruction107,814
Missions7Teachers in Archdiocese: Priests7
Other Pastoral Centers with permanent assistance (stations)18Teachers in Archdiocese: Scholastics4
New Parishes Created0Teachers in Archdiocese: Male Religious0
New Missions Created0
Reduction in Number of Parishes0Teachers in Archdiocese: Sisters27
  Teachers in Archdiocese: Lay Teachers1,200
Catholic Hospitals3VITAL STATISTICS 
     Total Assisted
221,837Infant Baptisms9,883
Health Care Centers, Ancillary Care Systems, Medical
Centers, Sanatoriums, Hospices
71- to 7-year-olds: Baptisms12,099
     Total Assisted58,269Adult Baptisms2,216
Homes for the Aged4Received into Full Communion833
     Total Assisted 469First Communions21,677
Residential Care of Children 4Confirmations11,183
     Total Assisted 927Marriages: Catholic2,559
Day Care Centers 38Marriages: Interfaith733
     Number Assisted annually3,498Total Marriages3,292
Specialized Homes5Deaths3,965
     Total Assisted10,885Total Catholic Population1,181,398
Special Centers for Social Services10Total Population6,249,904
    Total Assisted715,250