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Construction and Preventive Maintenance

Mr. Steve Faught, Director of Construction and Preventive Maintenance
Ms. Deanna Ennis, Associate Director
Mr. Wayne Knight, Diocesan Facilities Manager

Phone: 713.659.5461
Fax: 713.759.9151
Email the Construction Office
Email the Preventive Maintenance
Location: St. Dominic Chancery - Morkovsky Hall

This office provides construction management and engineering supervision in all building construction and major remodeling projects for parishes, schools and other institutions of the Archdiocese. The Archdiocesan Construction Director represents the interest of the Archdiocese and its components during planning, design and construction to ensure quality work and cost effectiveness. The Archdiocesan Construction Director is available to pastors and parish building committees on new construction projects from their first stages; is present at all Archdiocesan Building Committee meetings; supervises architect and/or engineer services and contract performance; certifies payment for architect and contractor invoices and pay requests; and certifies change orders.

The Preventive Maintenance Office provides expertise and education for parishes/schools and assists in promoting, developing and implementing preventive maintenance programs. For specific maintenance projects, the office provides assistance in developing scopes of work, contractor recommendation and selection. In addition, the office coordinates education and networking regarding facility maintenance for pastors, administrators and maintenance managers throughout the Archdiocese."