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Formal Petition form

Print out this page and follow these directions while completing the petition form.

1. ALL documents are designed to be used ONLY with Microsoft WORD 97 (MS Word 97) or a higher version of Microsoft WORD. NO other software programs are compatible and are NOT to be used!

2. Download/save the petition from the web site onto your computer hard drive.

3. To view and print properly the petition form, your computer must be set as follows:
  • Click the "View" menu on Microsoft Word.
  • Click "Page Layout" or "Print Layout."
4. Once you have made the above adjustments on Microsoft WORD, the petition is now ready for you to complete. The petition can be completed properly only by observing the following directions:

Fill-in the gray spaces                  for Parts 1 - 19 on pages 1 - 14. 
  • Do NOT use all upper case letters on pp. 1-14.
  • Do NOT use the "Enter" key on pp. 1-14. Use your mouse or "Tab" key.
Read Part 20: Guidelines for Your Personal and Marital History on page 15 and follow them.

Beginning with Part 20 on page 16, type your responses in the gray space that appears AFTER the complete numbered question (including any multiple letter parts). Answer each and every question and each sub-part (a, b, c, etc.) separately. Do not combine any answers. Use your mouse or "Tab" key to move to each gray space . Within the gray space, type as in any Microsoft WORD document.

For example: Section B—Background of the Respondent (Your Former Spouse)
Type within the gray space                the following:
1. a)  Your response
    b)  Your response
2. a)  Your response
    b)  Your response
    c)  Your response

Continue in the same fashion with each and every question and each sub-part (a, b, c, etc.)
  • Leave a blank space after each response.
  • The document will automatically "scroll or shift" downward to provide enough space for responses.
  • All responses will appear in bold print.
5. The Metropolitan Tribunal will accept only the following:

A completely filled in, paper print out of your responses to pp. 1-14 and your responses to Part 20 (p. 16 ff) on only one side of 8½ by 11 inch white paper, using only black ink. The paper print out must include:
  • All proper signatures and initials.
  • Parish Seal.
With the paper print out, submit the following:
  • Marriage/Divorce decrees.
  • Catholic certificates (baptism, profession of faith, marriage) if applicable.
  • Previous decree(s) of nullity, death certificate(s), etc., if applicable.
  • Any additional information that may be requested by your Case Sponsor
The Metropolitan Tribunal will NOT accept electronic/diskette responses.

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